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Needham Music is open 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday to shop in person or for curbside pick up!
Not only does Needham Music rent and sell instruments, but we also repair them.
We have a large selection of music and method books, instrument accessories, and much more!

Needham Music carries brands including (but not limited to):
Band: Armstrong, Bach, Buffet Crampon, Cannonball, King, Selmer
String Instruments: Eastman, Scherl & Roth Guitars: Alvarez, Washburn
Ukuleles: Amahi, Hilo, Penguin
Drums/Percussion: Ludwig, Dixon, Musser
Keyboards: Casio 

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Amahi Ukulele Glossy Designs $59.99

Laney Mini LX10
Electric Guitar Amplifier 

Stagg 3pc. Junior Drum Kit
30% OFF